This teenage blonde beauty has lost her diamond ring somewhere in her room and she can’t find it. She sees her neighbor through the window, relaxing in his yard and she calls him up to help her find her precious ring. He is a true gentleman so he hurries to help his lovely young neighbor and by some crazy chance he soon finds the ring behind the bed.


The lovely blonde turns out to be so grateful she offers to give him a blowjob in return. He suspected that the sexy teenager had the hots or him earlier so he indulges her and himself. She sits on the bed in front of him and pulls his prick out of his pants.


Her blowjob skills are substantial despite her age and the guy even has to sit down at one time to keep from loosing his footing. She gives head with great enthusiasm and she even wants him to fuck her face with his hard prick. She lies on the bed and invites him to fill her face up with his man meat and eventually he shoots his thick load of sperm all over her angelic face.

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This hot sexy vixen is in her dominatrix gear and she is ready to command her man and spank him if he fails to comply. Her big boobs are pushing the leather of her bra to its limits and her ass is stretching the hot pants she has on. When her customer for the day enters and places a several large bills between her breasts she graces him by a heavenly smile on her lips.


But that is it because now it is time for him to get a spanking for all his sins since the last time he visited her. While she is spanking his body the sexy mistress feels a desire to give her slave a seductive blowjob so he never thinks about any other woman beside her.


She touches his balls with her stick and plants a wet kiss on his cock. She is now ready for the blowjob and lies down on the bed offering her open mouth to her slave. She orders him to fuck her face with his hard prick and he complies. He fucks her mouth and pushes his cock deeper into her throat before he blasts her bewitching face with a big load of thick jizzm.

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This cute redhead desperately wants to enlarge her shoe collection for the summer but she was a lazy little cunt and she has no money so she offered the shop owner an alternative way of paying, by giving him a hot blowjob.


The guy’s shop is loaded with shoes and a few pairs will make no difference for him so a wet blowjob sounds really good. He takes the girl in the back room and lets her perform her magic. She starts by giving him a little striptease and showing him her perfect butt and teenage pussy and then she assumes the proper position by kneeling in front of him.


She pulls his pants down and is surprised to see his big prick. She starts the blowjob by gently kissing the hole on the dick and nibbling on the ball sack. Then she works her way up the shaft with her tongue and finally wraps her teenage lips around the huge rod. She gives head with vigor and he can see the desire for shoes in her eyes is replaced by the arousal of having a huge prick like this in her mouth.

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This guy is spending so much time looking at his computer lately that he completely forgot about his foxy blonde wife. But she is feeling incredibly horny today and she is ready to do anything to get her man out of the clutches of the internet.


She puts on a slutty dress, very tight and very short and decorates her face with some sexy red lipstick. She knows that a wet blowjob is the best way to get a man’s attention and she is a master of oral sex so the guy is in for a real treat.


She steps between her man and his monitor and orders him to stand up. Then she kneels down and expertly removes his shorts and grabs his hardening prick. She licks the head with her tongue at first, teasing the cock before the actual blowjob.


She puts it in her mouth pushing her head down all the way. The guy gets a case of wobbly knees and falls down to the chair with her head still attached to his prick. She gives a fabulous blowjob to her man, bobbing her head up and down while her lips leave lipstick traces all over his long shaft.

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We are always glad to see new faces in our offices, especially if those faces show any sort of tendency to end up receiving the eruption from orgasms all over the face… But I am too hasty. Meet Cheyenne Cooper, our latest model in the facial fest department.


She is one fine looking cunt, and we liked her choice of clothing which seemed hand picked for quick undressing. We didn’t waste too much time debating things with her, she was going to end up with a cumshot on her face, only question was would we have to be rough to get to that phase or will she give in and enjoy the ride.


Lil’ miss Cooper picked the thrill ride and Had our cock’s full attention for about 15 minutes, which was all we could spare to satisfy this horny cunt. We played some good old backdoor backgammon with her and she was real good at it.


We pushed her against the wall and screwed her hardcore until she begged for mercy of being facialized. We gladly obliged and the messy results are right in front of your eyes… Yes, she has that kind of face that just begs to get covered in cum, doesn’t she?

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Pyrah is new in these waters so we really had to brainstorm a bit to think of a way to gently lead her into the world of sexual entertainment. Some of the usual stuff was out of the question, we didn’t want to scare the little bitch right off, but it was hard thinking about stuff like that once she stripped for us to show us what she’s got.


So, we broke out the baby oil and told her that her today’s duty was a titwank and she happily obliged. You can se she is nervous but she gets down to business quickly, rubbing the dick between her impressive melons and giving it a lick and a suck here and there.


Nobody can hold out long under such treatment and soon we had a nice video of facial cumshot all over the new girl… You can just see how happy she is for doing a good job on her first titwank on her face.


Let us just hope she will prove to be as good in all other things we ask her to do, and trust us, we won’t be so mild to her next time! Now get to the batthroom and wash the sperm of your cute face honey.

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Who would have thought Natalia Rossi has a habit of getting her face covered in dripping man-juices. She came over to our house and promised us a strip show if we indulged her by a nice huge cumshot all over her face and we just couldn’t say “NO!” (Trust us we tried… No, really.)


So, she lied back in the chair and cast aside her bra revealing perfect small tits, just perfect for playing with. Pretty soon the skirt and thongs followed the bra and miss Natalia spread her long legs wide open proving us she is one playful little slut.


She fooled around for us, teasing her own clit and getting turned on in the process so she asked us to deliver what we promised. “Oh well”, we thought “What must be done must be done, so let’s give this bitch one nasty facial so she can’t complain”.


Preston picked her up and slammed his dick several times in her, just to get in the right mood, than bent her over to get as much out of this little nympho bitch before the time comes for the big bang all over her face. Once he was ready, he grabbed her hair and delivered his load all over the little bitch’s face. Let’s just say she was impressed with the service she received.

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6 Sep 09

Hot BlowJob Pro

When we saw Claudia Valentine walk trough the door we instantly knew what was that all about, this hot MILF has been off the cock for far too long and now she was craving some young man flesh, and where better to turn to than us? We had just what she needed but to get that we needed something in return so we settled on having a video of facial cumshot, just for our viewing pleasure.


This experienced whore didn’t get too fazed by our proposition and she got down to it right away, slurping and sucking, anything just to get boned as fast as possible. We didn’t have much choice in face of such enthusiasm so we had mercy and stuck a dick up her deprived pussy halfway trough the video.


She didn’t disappoint and she worked that ass like a mill, grinding and pounding, and when she got satisfied she got down on her knees to receive her facial, and we just went with it. This is one happy MILF now, but we are sure we will see her again when her cock addiction kicks in again. Until that time, we have these cumshot pictures of her to keep us going trough the day.

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Abby says she never did a porno movie before and we trust her. This young slut didn’t even know what some of the things we asked her to do was! well, sure enough, we taught her how to ride cock like a real pro and once we shoved her face onto the cock, she knew just what to do. She turned out to be a complete sub and we did nasty things to her.


She had to eat ass and suck on balls, she was bent over and ravaged from behind, we did all the nasty little things mom warned her about, so it is only natural that we ended the scene by giving her a cumshot on the face, and not just one, but three at the same time.


That will teach her to come here all ready for fucking… And when she comes next time we will prepare a selection of sex toys to test on her, she won’t just get away with one measly facial. She will be begging for mercy by the time we are done with her. We’ll just see…

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McKay and Cheynelle were gathering their courage up for a long time to ask their boyfriends to make a foursome. When they finally did ask, the boys had some demands to make and, yes, you guessed correctly there will be a lot of sucking and cumming all over face and tits involved. And, of course the girls had to start the show with some hot girl x girl action, just to get the guys going.


The ladies were only too glad to do that and jumped onto the bed, shoving each other’s faces into their crotch. After some time of hot sweaty 69 actions, the boys were ready to join in to the fuck fest too. The girls had to fulfill their part of the deal and suck the cock like there is no tomorrow.


Luckily they were all to skilled at it, as they have prepared their blowjob techniques beforehand and reading the tips from the all-girls magazines so really nasty facials were almost guaranteed. What girls also didn’t know was that the nasty boys have set up a camera so they can brag around with the facial cumshot videos. How nasty of them to do that… Tsk Tsk

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